Term life insurance can be a wonderful way to protect your family very inexpensively. This section is full of articles which explain the ins and outs of term life; how much you might need, how to buy it inexpensively and where the best places are to buy the coverage you need. This section also discusses some types of term life you might want to avoid.

Buying life insurance isn’t at all like buying a TV. You’re not making a one-time purchase – usually to get the lowest price – and then never come back. Buying life insurance is more like engaging the services of an accountant or doctor, where you’re looking to establish a long-term, working relationship with the agent […]

You might be aware that term life insurance is more popular than whole life – in fact, it is much more popular. There are tangible reasons why this true, five of them actually. When you read them you will probably agree that term life insurance is the best type of policy for your life insurance […]

The biggest concern that people generally have when it comes to buying term life insurance – as opposed to whole life insurance – is renewing the policy at the end of the term. This is a legitimate concern, but it actually has two parts to it: A Higher Premium – Because you will be older […]

There are lots of myths floating around regarding life insurance. Some of them are out there only because they have been repeated so many times in the past that people believe them without doing any serious investigating. But others are myths because they may have been true at one time, but are no longer. Here […]

Most parents automatically understand the need to have life insurance. At a minimum, you need to provide some sort of cash to enable your family to continue financially after your death. And that’s true whether you are an income earning parent, or one who shoulders most of the domestic responsibilities. But if you are a […]

You might have heard the arguments in favor of term life insurance over other types of life insurance, such as whole life. But it’s never a bad idea to review the reasons why term is the way to go, that way you aren’t ever tempted to buy another type of coverage by a persuasive sales […]

With many products and services it’s possible to save money when you “buy direct”. That’s when you cut out the middleman, and buy direct from the company that is providing the product or service. This can work well with many purchases, but there are some that can backfire on you. Life insurance is one example. […]

Applying for life insurance is one of those events like going to the dentist or filing your income tax return – you know you need to do it, but just don’t feel like doing it today. But just as is the case with going to the dentist and filing your income tax return, delays can […]

Unless you work in life insurance industry, you probably can’t even understand the logic of this question. After all, what do a person’s travel habits have anything to do in the slightest with a life insurance application? Actually, depending on where it is you travel to, the effects can be substantial. It’s All About the […]

One of the biggest mistakes that many new homeowners make is taking a mortgage life insurance policy. It’s not that it’s a bad idea in theory, it’s just that there are better ways to provide insurance for your family, including an allowance for paying off your mortgage. In most cases, this can be better accomplished […]