Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to life insurance. The older we are, the more expensive life insurance is. Also, as we age, we encounter more health challenges and those can also make it more difficult for seniors to find affordable life insurance. These posts will help you understand the market for senior life insurance and how to get the right coverage in place at the right price.

We’ve already covered Why You May Want Life Insurance Even if You’re Retired, but there is a growing reason that stands out above all the rest: more people are working in retirement years than ever before. If you’re one of them – or think you may be – it may require more life insurance than […]

We’re all familiar with the necessity of having life insurance for our spouse and children. All are dependent upon either our financial support or our direct care. In the event of our deaths, they would suffer hardship, and for that reason we carry life insurance to protect them. But we can also look in the […]

Millions of people are moving toward retirement with nowhere near as much in retirement savings as they will need to provide for a comfortable retirement. While that creates an obvious dilemma for anyone who really wants to retire at the normal age, it also opens up other financial needs. One concern is life insurance. The […]

For many people, the idea that you need to have life insurance when you are retired is a bit of a stretch. After all, when you’re retired no one is dependent upon your income, and you may be effectively self-insured as a result of having a large investment portfolio. But while that may be true, […]

Life insurance for seniors doesn’t have to be expensive. Just because you’ve been around the block a few times doesn’t mean life insurance companies should take advantage of you.  Am I right? The good news is that if you are senior you can probably obtain life insurance for a lot less money than you think. […]