Just like virtually every other insurance policy that you can purchase, disability insurance policies have various options and riders available that you can add to the policy. Those options may be more than just luxuries – they may provide you with the type of complete coverage that you’re really expecting a disability policy to provide […]

Who doesn’t love employer paid benefits? That includes health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, a company match on 401(k) contributions, and other assorted perks. In each case, the employer pays at least some of the cost of maintaining the benefit. But certain benefits are better when you have them on your own. Disability insurance is […]

If you know anything about Social Security, then you know that it isn’t just to provide retirement benefits. Social Security also pays disability to those who need it. So why do you need disability insurance when you can apply for Social Security? Two reasons: it won’t be easy, and it probably won’t be enough. Let’s […]

If you have a standard disability insurance policy through your employer, are you adequately covered? In many cases, the answer to that question is no. That’s because standard disability insurance only replaces a certain percentage of your pre-disability income. If that won’t be enough for you to live on, you may need supplemental disability insurance. […]

There can be a wide difference of opinion as to when to make a disability insurance claim. Either you or your employer may decide that you are no longer capable of working. Your doctor may even agree. But the final determination – at least as it relates to the payment of benefits under your disability […]

Disability insurance provides protection of your ability to earn a living. That makes it one of the most important forms of insurance you can have. But there are provisions in disability policies that the average person isn’t familiar with. One of the most important is a disability insurance exclusion. They are the events that will […]

The short answer to that question is maybe! It all depends on who pays the premiums on the policy – you, your employer, or combination of both – and whether or not you pay the premiums with pre-tax or after-tax dollars. With employer-sponsored plans, those points aren’t always entirely clear. Even if you have an […]

If for any reason that you are under the impression that if you’ve seen one disability policy, you’ve seen them all, then I have some news that may be a real shock. There are two important definitions, and which your policy relies on can affect your ability to make a successful disability claim. The definitions […]

You have a disability insurance policy, and you’re sure that you have just experienced a disabling event that will enable you to collect benefits under the policy. But will the insurance company actually pay your disability claim? That’s a question that is not uncommon among people who file for disability benefits. Sometimes insurance companies do […]

All disability policies come with a waiting period. This is true whether the type of disability policy that you purchase is a long-term or short-term plan. The waiting period with disability insurance functions very much like the deductible with auto insurance and with health insurance. It reduces the insurance company’s liability, by forcing you to […]