Life insurance is a long term proposition. How do you know the insurance company you are doing business with today will be there when you need them several years from now? Of course there is no way to predict the future and anything could happen. But it’s just plain smart to understand a little about the insurance company you are dealing with before signing a contract.

Here are a number of reviews to help you get an insider peak at several insurance companies as of the date of the review. As I said, things change so make sure you re-examine the current financial strength of any insurance company you are dealing rather than rely on past reviews.

When buying life insurance – or any other type of insurance – bundling has become the buzzword of choice. “Bundle” all of your insurance policies – life, homeowners, auto, and business – with the same provider and you’ll save a fortune. Generally speaking, that may be true, at least from a cost standpoint. But it’s […]

So what if Transamerica has been around since 1928? Who cares if the founder of Bank of America is the same guy who started this life insurance company? Are they a good company today? That’s the only thing that matters. Right? What follows is a deep dive into Transamerica to answer three questions: Is Transamerica […]

If you remember the financial meltdown a few years ago, you probably also remember that a number of banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions failed and went out of business during that unfortunate time. But one industry sector where failure was rare was life insurance companies. Could a life insurance company fail and go […]

You are probably doing more and more business online and that’s smart. It’s easy to research and save money and time when you let your fingers do the work. But is it safe to buy life insurance online? Yes and No. The Pros of Online Life Insurance Again, it’s just smart to figure out how […]