About Us


This site was created with one purpose in mind; to help you make smart decisions about life insurance for you and your family.

Life insurance is a critical piece in the puzzle for those looking to secure their family’s finances.

The problem is that the industry is full of misinformation and salespeople and many life insurance companies who have interests diametrically opposed to yours. This site endeavors to remedy that problem.

And it’s an important problem to solve.

If you own the right coverage, you can protect your family against a sudden and/or tragic circumstance in a very affordable way.

If you own the wrong coverage, you will probably spend up to 10 times more money for a policy that only offers a fraction of the coverage your family really needs. That leaves your family exposed to great hardship if the unthinkable happens.

One of our original co-founders, Neal Frankle, experienced both sides of this coin as a professional financial advisor and shared his thoughts on the matter throughout the site.

As a very young man, he and his siblings benefited by the safety net that the right term life insurance provided. But as a professional advisor he witnessed agent after agent try to sell the wrong policy to the wrong person for the wrong reason. Often fattening their own wallets at the expense of leaving the clients’ families at great risk.

Our other co-founder is Assaf Katzir. Assaf holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, major in finance and minor in information technology.

Assaf is now at the helm of MCMHA.org. Neal Frankle, while an important contributor in the past, is no longer associated in any way with the site. He has moved on to focus on his core business and has no ownership or control over this site.

Assaf’s main goal continues to be to help serve his readers and to help them create a more secure financial future for themselves and their families by owning the right life insurance.