Term life insurance can be a wonderful way to protect your family very inexpensively. This section is full of articles which explain the ins and outs of term life; how much you might need, how to buy it inexpensively and where the best places are to buy the coverage you need. This section also discusses some types of term life you might want to avoid.

One of the unfortunate realities surrounding life insurance is that people often purchase policies, then file them away for safekeeping. They continue to make the required premium payments, but the policies themselves can disappear for years at a time. When that happens, there’s a real danger that the information contained in the policy won’t be […]

If you are the sole proprietor of a small business, or have significant ownership in the partnership or small corporation, you may be interested in key man life insurance. It’s one of the most important forms of business insurance, because it can enable a business to continue functioning in the aftermath of the death of […]

An article was published on CNN/Money that indicated, based on survey results, that the Millennials are the most under-insured generation in the country. About a quarter of the group does not have health insurance, and only 13% have disability coverage. And just 36% have life insurance. That means that 64% of Millennials will leave their […]

The biggest benefit of term life insurance is lower cost when compared to whole life insurance, and other policy types that have an investment provision. Term costs considerably less, and if you invest your savings yourself, you’ll almost certainly have more money in the future than you will have with a whole life policy. But […]

It has become popular among some life insurance agents, agencies, and companies to sell customers life insurance policies that are blended with an investment provision. But few people bother to ask if life insurance should even have an investment provision at all. The basic idea has been to sell two very distinct financial products under […]

You’ve probably heard about trusts. But you may have thought that trusts are only for “rich people”. That’s hardly the case. In truth, anyone can set up a trust, even if you don’t have much money. You can do it using life insurance to create a trust. And though you may not be around to […]

People often shop for life insurance the way they shop for car – they look for the best package of options. They look at investment provisions, cash values, loan provisions, and a large enough death benefit to handle any potential outcome. That’s noble, but it’s also complicated and expensive. And for that reason, many times […]

There are a lot of questions when it comes to buying a life insurance policy. What options and riders are available? Will my premium go up? Are there any potential exclusions or loopholes? But fewer people concern themselves with distribution options from a life insurance policy. And that’s just as important as any other provision […]

If you tend to think long-term when it comes to managing your finances, you’ve probably seriously considered (or are considering) purchasing a whole life insurance policy. After all, whole life is permanent life insurance, so you’ll be able to keep it for your entire life. But you may be able to achieve all of your […]

The empty nester phase is that welcome time in life that fits nicely between the end of what are usually life’s biggest challenges and the retirement years. No, you’re not yet enjoying retirement, but at the same time you no longer have to worry about raising children, putting them through college, building a career or […]