High Risk

If you have an illness or disease you may think that it will be impossible to buy life insurance. Actually, that is not true. Many insurance companies cater specifically to people like you. Here’s how to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford even if you face health challenges.

Getting life insurance when you have asthma is not the easiest venture into the life insurance universe. While you can usually get some type of coverage, it’s very easy to pay more than you should. Some life insurance companies welcome applications from people with asthma, while others prefer to not take on the risk – and […]

A medical condition – any medical condition it seems – is often seen as making it impossible to get life insurance. Even if you can, it often results in your paying higher premiums for the policy you do get. If you have a condition like herpes, you may think that you fall into this category. It’s not […]

We’ve already discussed DUI and DWI and the effect they have on life insurance. But what about the broader question of getting life insurance with a history of alcoholism? You can get life insurance even if you have alcoholism in your past. But there are some conditions that complicate the process. Why Alcoholism Matters to Life […]

We’ve written a number of articles here at MCMHA.org dealing with the prospect of getting life insurance when you have certain specific health related conditions. If you’ve read some of the articles, you’re aware that there are certain consistencies in how life insurance companies deal with pre-existing conditions. So here is a summary of how […]

Pacemakers are becoming increasingly common, especially as the population is becoming progressively older. The life insurance industry recognizes this trend, and has made adjustments to accommodate the growing number of people who have pacemakers. Don’t assume you can’t get life insurance simply because you have a pacemaker. The technology has improved, and people are now […]

It’s virtually a forgone conclusion that smoking has an affect on life insurance premiums. Less well understood however is that virtually any use of tobacco products can affect life insurance coverage. That can include chewing tobacco, sometimes referred to as smokeless tobacco, even though it isn’t burned and inhaled. But there are a whole list […]

Strokes claim the lives of over 150,000 people each year, making it the third leading cause of death in the US behind heart disease and cancer. For this reason, stroke can complicate the life insurance application process, making it more expensive at a minimum, or unavailable in a worst-case scenario. What is a Stroke and […]

When it comes to life insurance there are all kinds of risks that insurance companies must evaluate in determining whether or not to approve a policy application, or the level of premiums they will charge if they do. Not all of the risk factors connected with life insurance have to do with your health condition, […]

In 2011, more than 213,000 patients underwent heart bypass surgery. And while that number has dropped by nearly half from a decade earlier, that’s still a lot of people walking around who have had the procedure. If you are one of them, does that mean that you will not be able to get life insurance? […]

You can get life insurance and even if you have bipolar disorder, but like any other major risk factor, bipolar disorder comes with special limitations. What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder occurs when a person has mood swings that alternate between depression, moments of extreme happiness, and feelings of irritability and anger. According to the […]