If you decide that you need disability insurance, the next important question is Do I need short-term or long-term disability insurance? That’s an important question – you want to have disability insurance, but you want to make sure you have just the right amount and no more. Why Short-term Disability? Short-term disability insurance is so […]

Though it can seem counter-intuitive, short-term disability sometimes cost more than long-term disability. That may not seem right on the surface, because ultimately a long-term plan can potentially pay out far more in benefits then a short-term plan. Yet still, it is often true that short-term disability costs more. How can it be? Short-term Disability […]

Statistically, about one out of every four workers will become disabled at some time during their lives. That makes a strong case for having disability insurance of some sort, whether it is provided by an employer, or through a private plan that you purchase directly from an insurance company. There are a number of considerations […]

No only can your small business buy disability insurance, but it almost certainly must. As a small business owner, you are actually more at risk for a disability claim than salaried workers, so this coverage is absolutely necessary. How Disability Insurance Works in a Small Business Disability insurance policies work much the same way for […]

For many employees, this question is thought to be a “no brainer”. After all, most of your other benefits are being handled through your employer, such as retirement and health insurance, why not disability? It’s also generally presumed that an employe plan will be less expensive than what you can get on your own. That […]

This is a question that is not easily answered. In fact, it’s usually answered by asking a series of other questions. Here are five of the most important of those questions. 1. How Risky is Your Occupation? This question attempts to determine how likely you are to become disabled, and you need to file a […]

In a word – absolutely! Most of us find it pretty easy to block out the possibility of ever becoming disabled to the point of not being able to work any more. That’s easy enough to do when you’re completely healthy. But like so many other disasters of life, a disabling injury or illness can […]