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Cushing’s Syndrome is a less commonly understood health condition, largely because it is highly curable and non-fatal. That’s actually good news, but if you have Cushing’s Syndrome it could cause complications if you want to apply for a life insurance policy. Your application will likely be approved, but it’s a question of the premium level. […]

People often have an almost casual attitude toward life insurance. They’ll pay every other bill – the house, the car loan, utilities, credit cards, health insurance, and a gym membership. And the life insurance premium? It will be near the bottom of the list. And if times get hard, if a job is lost, the […]

This is a difficult subject to discuss, but life insurance is designed specifically to deal with the most difficult event in life, so it’s one we have to cover. Suicide, unfortunately is very much a gray zone when it comes to life insurance. With most other causes of death, outcomes are known and more easily […]

If your spouse doesn’t have life insurance, do you simply respect their wishes and go about your life? On some level, that may sound like a fair response. But whether a person wants life insurance or not, not having it is downright irresponsible. Even if your spouse doesn’t have life insurance, and doesn’t want it, […]

Most people correctly assume that the main purpose of life insurance is to provide financial resources to your loved ones in the event of your death. But there’s also an intangible benefit that may be just as important. Life insurance eliminates worry. The peace of mind that comes from having adequate life insurance can be […]

One of the unfortunate realities surrounding life insurance is that people often purchase policies, then file them away for safekeeping. They continue to make the required premium payments, but the policies themselves can disappear for years at a time. When that happens, there’s a real danger that the information contained in the policy won’t be […]

Vaping is a fast growing habit, at least partially intended to reduce reliance on cigarette smoking. Though you might think that that fact alone what endear vapers to the insurance industry, it’s actually quite the opposite. Even though vaping has generally been shown to be considerably less of a health hazard than cigarette smoking, life […]

A previous history of cancer can have a major impact if you are trying to get life insurance. Cervical cancer is one of those types of cancer. Yet even if you have had it in the past, it is still possible to get a life insurance policy, even one at an affordable premium. It’s mostly […]

If you are the sole proprietor of a small business, or have significant ownership in the partnership or small corporation, you may be interested in key man life insurance. It’s one of the most important forms of business insurance, because it can enable a business to continue functioning in the aftermath of the death of […]

An article was published on CNN/Money that indicated, based on survey results, that the Millennials are the most under-insured generation in the country. About a quarter of the group does not have health insurance, and only 13% have disability coverage. And just 36% have life insurance. That means that 64% of Millennials will leave their […]